Collection: Patriotic Design Options

Please make sure and select a garment to go with this design. These are DESIGNS ONLY. Make sure and indicate which design will go with which garment (if ordering multiple items).

Please keep in mind when selecting garment/design:

1. The stitch thread only designs will always look better on solid, light colored garments (white, light pink, light blue, etc.). 

2. Applique (fabric inside design) will work on any pattern or color. All fabrics can be changed to coordinate with the colors of the garment or to match bottoms (shorts/pants).

3. If the design is tall (example the patriotic pup, any of the firework bundles), it will look best on a shirt/bubble/romper. Dresses have a short space above the empire waist.

4. If you are choosing a sunsuit, please be aware that you have about 5 inches to work with, so please select a smaller design. 

5. If you don't like something about the design, just let me know in your design details and I can adjust almost anything you need. 

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